Viktorija Andriuškevičiūtė
BAUA Student Awards 2022

A Holistic Approach to Architecture: the Case of a Nursing Homes

Master's project, Tutor: Vaida Almonaitytė – Navickienė, Jonas Audėjaitis

The word holism of Greek origin, meaning the totality of several elements, in the context of architecture means the competence of an architect to know and apply the knowledge of as many complementary disciplines as possible in his artistic activity. Applying this theory to architecture in practice can contribute to the improvement of the physical environment, psychological and spiritual condition of a person.  

Taking into account the needs of society, an architectural concept is being created: in the chosen area, next to the services of the palliative care complex, it is proposed to add another function - the elderly foster home. In the case of nursing home design, in addition to the mandatory general and personalized medical needs, physiological, psychological, social, domestic and spiritual are also important. This means that persons who are provided with a care service must be guaranteed a safe, cozy, comfortable, community-promoting, environment that supports, improves or compensates skills, solves health issues. 

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