Agnė Antanavičiūtė
BAUA Student Awards 2022

Bioclimatic architecture. Industrial tourism centre

Master's project, Tutor: Sigitas Kuncevičius

Bioclimatic architecture is one of the most important and relevant architectural design phenomena in the 21st century. Although we constantly hear the need to develop a close link between nature and architecture, from an energy point of view, most buildings are still unsustainable enough. The basic concept of bioclimatic architecture is to find connections between the prevailing climate, natural environment, and architecture so they could coexist harmoniously and complement each other.

This paper investigates bioclimatic architecture, and more specifically natural convection operation in buildings through architectural elements such as wind or solar towers, who creates effects of natural ventilation in buildings, thus saving large amounts of energy required for their operation.
In the final master's thesis, it is proposed to design a public building for industrial tourism, which will harmoniously blend into the natural environment and most importantly with its artistic and compositional expression, would reflect the image of the building designed according to the principles of bioclimatic architecture.

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