Mantas Bučiūnas
BAUA Student Awards 2022

Conversion of an Industrial Quarter near the Coast: the Case of Klaipeda Pulp Mill

Master's project, Tutor: Kristina Budrytė – Genevičė, Tomas Kuleša

A widespread problem in post-industrial port cities is the reuse of industrial waterfront areas. At the time of the industrial revolution, port areas bringing wealth are now often underutilised, separated from the rest of the physical, social, and economical city structure. Nowadays these areas no longer fulfil their primary function by leaving a toxic legacy.  

The functional structure of Klaipeda city is structured in such a way that the port separates the city from Curonian Spit area which has enormous recreational potential. Currently, there are 3 possible accesses areas to the Curonian Spit: north, centre and south of the city. However, none of these areas can offer enough different entertainment or public spaces. The aim of this work is to open waterfront to the city residents and tourists by converting industrial district of Klaipeda Pulp Mill. 

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