Gintare Marozaite
BAUA Student Awards 2022

Feasibility Study for Preservation of Built Heritage of Lithuania Minor

Master's project, Tutor: Ingrida Povilaitienė

The professional architectural heritage of Lithuania Minor is part of the former Prussia heritage. Lithuania shares this architectural heritage with the territories of Poland, Germany, and Russia (Kaliningrad Region). This heritage is preserved in settlements of Lithuania Minor, and the buildings, although often abandoned, kept their architectural values. The architectural heritage of Lithuania Minor helps the residents to purify the specificity of the place. 

The essence of this work is to find out conditions for the use and popularization of historical buildings - to create a strategy for how the architectural heritage of Lithuania Minor could be reused and become an example in the preservation of regional architecture 

In order to ensure integrity, the strategy proposes three-level (scale) solutions - regional, surrounding area and local: Strategies of the Lithuanian Minor tourist infrastructure focused on learning about the architectural heritage using railway track infrastructure, tourist route model and concept for improving the urban structure of the train station settlement. 

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