Emilija Martinkevič
BAUA Student Awards 2022

From conflict to cohesion: regeneration of post-industrial areas based on natural ecosystems

Master's project, Tutor: Dalia Dijokienė

The final Master’s thesis explores the conflict between indiscriminate urbanization and the natural environment. The industrial areas, which have brought about the most significant changes in urban structures and have become the driving force behind the ecological crisis, are considered the epicenter of this conflict. To shed light on the problem, the post-industrial area of the Kirseberg district in Malmö, is examined.

The project proposes to view post-industrial areas as potential parts of the natural ecosystem and to include in the regeneration process the already-formed natural habitats. An artistic experiment is based on the integration of a natural connection into the regeneration process of the area. The impact of urbanization is minimized by giving priority to the existing elements of the natural structure, integrating them into the overall urban system while making full use of the urban potential of the area and creating a new dense and vibrant urban center of attraction.

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